Feel Calmer, Think Clearer, Sleep Better

Truvaga quickly works with your body to balance your vagus nerve, creating a deep, natural relaxation response to calm your racing mind. Helping you think more clearly, sleep more soundly, and live life more fully.

Introducing Truvaga Plus

Welcome your new personal wellness companion. Meet Truvaga Plus, our latest handheld vagus nerve stimulator, designed with extra features to elevate your stress-relief journey. This sleek and portable design has everything you need to live a healthier life – quickly, easily, and conveniently.

  • >> Unlimited Sessions*
  • >> Rechargeable
  • >> App Enabled


of users felt calmer and happier in just 30 days**

Quickly put your mind at ease

Truvaga vagus nerve stimulators aren’t your ordinary vagus nerve stimulators. They are a product of extensive clinical studies, rigorous testing, and proven vagus nerve stimulation. Our proprietary technology is gentle yet delivers powerful results by working with your nervous system to help you feel calmer, think clearer, and sleep better.

  • >> Fast Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  • >> Clinically-Studied Technology
  • >> Drug-Free Therapy


30-day money-back guarantee

Science meets self-care

For years, we’ve been dedicated to improving and refining our vagus nerve therapy. Teaming up with top-notch educational institutions and organizations, we’ve worked hard to bring you one of the best solutions out there.

Johns Hopkins university
Harvard Medical school
Massachusetts general hospital
Air Force Research Laboratory
Emory University