Feel Calmer, Think Clearer, Sleep Better

Truvaga quickly works with your body to balance your nervous system, creating a deep, natural relaxation response to calm your racing mind. Helping you think more clearly, sleep more soundly and live life more fully.

Truvaga Device

Quickly put your mind at ease

Portable and requiring only a 2-minute session day and night, Truvaga calms stress conveniently and quickly through vagus nerve stimulation. Truvaga provides the calm required to conquer your day and get a better night’s sleep. On your terms – when you need it. 

Free Therapy

Fast, Drug-Free Therapy

Quick Vagus Nerve Activation

Quick Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Clinical Studied and Proven

Clinically-Studied & Proven

Science meets self care

Truvaga’s technology is the most clinically studied, tested, and proven vagus nerve therapy available.

Our effective proprietary technology is gentle, yet powerful, and has been proven to directly activate the vagus nerve. Giving you the confidence to live in the moment.

Just a few of our partners in research

We have been studying and perfecting our vagus nerve therapy for decades with help from some of the most prestigious educational institutions and organizations to ensure we offer the best solution available.

Massachusetts General Hospital
Air Force Research Laboratory
Emory University

Feel your best,
be your best

Whether it’s getting through your day-to-day or your busiest day, you deserve a natural solution that works with your body to fuel your mind and overall wellbeing.

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