Truvaga Plus

Truvaga Plus App

Control your Truvaga Plus with the Truvaga Plus App

With the Truvaga Plus app, not only can you control your device easily and simply, but you can also plan your schedule, receive reminders, manage the intensity of your sessions, and monitor your progress. It’s like having a personal wellness coach right in your pocket.

A healthier, happier you is just 2 minutes away!

Truvaga Plus with App

Connect, Control, then Calm

A holistic approach for total well-being. Download the free app today!

Truvaga Plus App
Truvaga Plus App
Truvaga Plus App

Note: the Truvaga app is only available in the US. 

To ensure optimal performance, our app has undergone extensive testing and is officially compatible with iOS 14 and newer versions for Apple devices iPhone 11 and later. For Android devices, we recommend using a device with Android OS 12 or later for the best experience.

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