Truvaga Reviews

Real stories of improved health and wellness

Hear what users from an independent third-party research study said about using Truvaga in a 30-day consumer in-home test.

Alicia L.

“I was falling asleep quicker, I was sleeping better, and waking up more refreshed.”

Joseph L.

“I was less focused on my stress level and felt like the device helped relieve some of my anxiousness.”

Juanita W.

“I would go to bed and within 15 mins I didn’t have time to read. I was falling asleep around 10-15 minutes.”

Rachel E.

“It feels normal to feel normal again. Literally, that is all I have wanted for the last two years.”

Truvaga users experienced the following
benefits after daily use:

Consumer Study Results Truvaga

**Based on 30-day consumer in-home use test performed by The Benchmarking Company, an independent third-party
research firm. The study consisted of 34 participants using Truvaga morning and night for 30 days.

Real Customer Reviews

Danielle Y about Truvaga

“I was instantly more relaxed after the first session. It’s worth every penny.”

Danielle Y.

Josh V about Truvaga

“I certainly felt like my stress was getting better within the first 7-10 days.”

Josh V.

Lauren G about Truvaga

“I still have a ways to go, but it is assisting in bringing me back to life.” 

Lauren G.

Callie V about Truvaga

“Truvaga is a game-changer, it really has improved my life.”

Callie V.

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