Top 10 Wellness Resolutions for 2024

New Year Wellness Resolutions

It’s the morning of New Year’s Day, and you’re yawning and wiping the sleep from your eyes after a late night of bringing in the New Year. The morning could look one of two ways: Your dress and heels on the floor by the bed after a night out with the girls, or you’re still in your favorite button down PJs after cozying up on the couch to watch the ball drop on TV.

No matter how you decide to celebrate, a new year always gleams with promise and potential. When you woke up on New Year’s Day, perhaps you decided to be one of the roughly 41% percent of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions.1 In the spirit of self-improvement for the new year, here are the top ten wellness resolutions, in no particular ranked order.

1. Fitness

Improving physical stamina and health is at the top of most people’s list of resolutions, according to a Forbes Health survey. [2] Out of 1,000 respondents, 48% reported that improving fitness was one of their top priorities. If this is your goal, start by taking stock of where you are now, where you want to be, and why. Do you endeavor to run a mile without stopping? What about being able to more actively play with your kids? Make a plan to get there and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

2. Finances

In the Forbes Health Survey, 38.2% of respondents reported that financial growth and security was one of their main focuses for 2024. Though not always thought of as a wellness goal, financial stability brings peace of mind that can steady you in other areas of life. Financial stability also gives you more time and resources to devote to other wellness goals, such as traveling more.

Many people find dealing with money stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Start 2024 with a strong picture of your finances by reviewing your budget, checking on your emergency fund, and consolidating debt, advises Morgan Stanley.[3]

3. Mental Health

Improving mental health is another highly ranked wellness resolution, with 36% of respondents on the Forbes Health Survey choosing this as one of their top goals for 2023. Start big or small. If you want to feel more optimistic and grateful in 2024, a daily gratitude journal can help you frame things in a more positive light. Maybe 2024 is the year you take the major step of starting therapy to tackle big, long-standing issues.

Truvaga can be a helpful tool in your toolkit for improving mental health by managing stress daily. In just minutes, Truvaga taps into the power of the vagus nerve to promote feelings of calm.

4. Nourishing Food

Eating more healthful foods ranks high on 2024 wellness resolution surveys. We often think of eating healthy food as a punishment or that it means cutting out all of our salty and sugary favorites. If you feel that way, try to make eating well an event or ritual. Start a garden this spring to become more connected to the food you eat. Experiment with cooking by testing a new dinner recipe weekly. Whip up some lower-calorie versions of your must-have treats.

5. Family and Friends

Spending more time with loved ones can majorly increase your happiness in 2024. Sadly, most adults in the U.S. say they feel lonely, with young adults ages 18 to 22 experiencing the highest rates of loneliness. Prolonged loneliness can put you at greater risk of anxiety and depression.[4] Add more companionship to your life by scheduling standing dates, phone calls or FaceTiming with friends. Put those cooking skills to good use by hosting a dinner for family or friends, or take some of the pressure off with a potluck. Getting together doesn’t have to end with the holiday season.

6. Prioritize Sleep

We tend to view late nights and early mornings as necessary sacrifices for success. You may not be a stranger to pulling an all nighter for a term paper after a long shift, or going into the office after being up all night with a newborn. While missing out on sleep is necessary sometimes, prolonged sleep deprivation causes a litany of health issues. If you struggle to make time for rest, or with falling and staying asleep, prioritizing sleep should be your resolution for 2024.

Practice good sleep hygiene by not viewing screens before bed, or consuming coffee in the afternoon, and keeping your bedroom a tranquil place that is only used for sleep – not work. Adding Truvaga to your nighttime routine can help cultivate more restful sleep by increasing relaxation.

7. Hobbies

Making time for hobbies is important to our wellbeing. By practicing and enjoying our hobbies, we are making time for ourselves in a way that values our personal growth, importance and happiness. Hobbies are also a great outlet for stress and give us something to look forward to. Try joining a group of fellow enthusiasts — whether your thing is martial arts, reading or bird watching — to add connecting with friends to your resolution list.

8. Work-life balance

Working more than 40 hours a week can lead to significant physical and mental health issues, studies show. With more people working from home, it can also be hard to “turn off.” Take stock of your work-life balance and ask yourself how things could be better. Can your work be done within a four-day work week? Are you using all of your paid time off? Could you shift to an earlier start time to have some time to yourself before the kids are home from school?

9. Travel

Traveling more can boost your mental health. One study found that even short, three-day vacations can greatly improve sleep quality and mood. [5] The mental health benefits of a quick getaway were present in subjects as much as five weeks later, especially in those who had the most personal time and experienced the most enjoyment. So, start planning a bucket list trip for 2024!

10. Meditate regularly

A daily meditation practice can take as little as five minutes and can increase calm, focus and mental clarity. Meditation can be done in many different ways including while sitting in complete stillness, or focusing on your breath during exercise. Using Truvaga before or after a daily meditation practice may increase feelings of tranquility.

While this list is a great place to start, it’s important you choose resolutions that are personal to your needs and goals. Whatever your resolutions are, they require genuine focus. Learn how using Truvaga twice per day can help you meet your wellness goals in 2024. You deserve it!


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